Event Highlights

Some very important notes when considering booking this cruise....

This is not your typical cruise. Guests of National Review will enjoy informative seminars and extensive interaction with our guest speakers, numerous social events; dining with fellow conservatives as well as guest speakers; and a wonderful sense of sharing and camaraderie.

The cruise will include cocktail receptions, evening cigar and cognac smoker, dinners together and seminar sessions.

In addition to all the wonderful activities aboard the Queen Mary 2 and in port, this exclusive National Review event includes

  • Scintillating seminars with NR editors and guest speakers, along with plenty of passenger Q&A
  • Plenty of chances to meet, schmooze and enjoy personal interaction with our special guest speakers.
  • Exclusive Parties and Dining with our special guest speakers. You will dine with your fellow National Review attendees, so that you have the chance to meet many of your fellow conservative cruisers.
  • Intimate dining on two evenings with a guest speaker or editor.
  • Three revelrous cocktail receptions.
  • One late-night "smoker" featuring world-class H. Upmann cigars.
  • Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees.
  • Accommodations & All Meals.
  • Most Shipboard activities.
  • A fully escorted cruise.
  • And much more!

Lose yourself to the countless charms of our flagship....

Quotes from past cruise guests...

  • "Very well thought out in order to give everyone as much interaction with speakers as possible. So very interesting. Far beyond TV, a book or the magazine - and that says a lot."
  • "It was great to be able to meet with the speakers I wanted to talk to."
  • "I'm not the political junkie in our family... and I had a great time!"
  • "A fabulous experience."
  • "I enjoyed the intelligence, knowledge and humor of the panelists."
  • "I enjoyed the rotated dinner seating - also the approachability of the speakers."
  • "I find the panels to be quite laid back and informal, which makes the discussions delightful!"
  • "Although I've been a subscriber for about 40 years, I never had the time or opportunity to meet the people behind the magazine cover. This has been a very enjoyable experience and, I hope, an eye-opener for my 18 year old son."
  • "We loved seeing all our friends and making new ones. This is a great group to be with!"
  • "We enjoyed seeing younger faces, which is so encouraging. We met some wonderful people. This cruise included a panel with such bright minds who were so obliging when we spoke with them. Kudos to the magazine and the panel members for their graciousness!"
  • "The programs were terrific, the panel members were great and accessible, and the atmosphere of like minded and bright people was refreshing."
  • "Most speakers made very sincere attempts at hospitality -- a most special plus for National Review."
  • "I enjoyed the ability to hear some of the finest minds in the country and the opportunity to make new Friends and renew old acquaintances."
  • "This cruise had the best line-up of speakers we've ever had. I was so glad to get the views on terrorism from our British speakers."
  • "I liked the balance or instruction, conversation, sightseeing and relaxation. It is a relief to be able to express a conservative viewpoint with others and not be put down."
  • "The panel discussions were the highlight! I enjoyed the cigar smokers and the cocktail parties for the accessibility of the speakers."
  • "The seminars were outstanding. I appreciate spontaneous discussion and tenaciously held principles without pulled punches."

Meet your Event Coordinator...

Your cruise features an event coordinator provided by The Cruise & Vacation Authority. These managers will ensure that every aspect of your cruise is enjoyable. Should you have any problems or issues, please do not hesitate to contact one of these professionals while on board this cruise. A help desk will be scheduled each day.

The Cruise & Vacation Authority is an award winning cruises-only travel agency, based in Atlanta, GA, which specializes in producing large group events. The Cruise & Vacation Authority has received considerable recognition for its focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

Howard Moses

President of The Cruise & Vacation Authority. A veteran of over 190 cruises; Howard has been in the cruise industry for over 25 years. He is an avid scuba diver, boater, tennis enthusiast and has recently discovered boxing. Howard is married with 2 sons, 14 and 9, and a really cute dog named Zoe.

Joanne Burch

Group Manager of The Cruise & Vacation Authority for 19 years and has escorted over 70 group cruises. She is very knowledgeable and specializes in Europe. Joanne has 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren.